From Local to Global: Exploring the Power of Ecommerce

Globalizing local products has been a great concern to many, especially for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs). Majority of the products we consume are local products of countries who has taken advantage of globalization of local products and e-commerce. It will be amazing how demanding your local product or service will be at the global community.

What is Ecommerce?

Also known as electronic commerce or internet commerce, ecommerce is the process of buying and selling goods and service using the power of the internet and settling financial transactions through electronic paymemt systems or other feasible means.

Advantages of Ecommerce Over Traditional Retail

There are more reasons to pitch your sales through Ecommerce than the traditional retail. Below are some amazing reasons:

Overcome Geographical Limitations

With ecommerce your business expansion and visibility is no longer tied to the nature of your business physical geolocation. So it makes it possible to operate your business from anywhere as a counter rule to nearness to market business model.

Locate the Product Quicker

Sofisticated tools integrated in ecommerce platforms enable customers navigate easily to the exact products or services. Most platforms use user information to present them with items they will most likely prefer.

Gain New Customers with Search Engine Visibility

Search engines are major source of traffic to ecommerce platforms. With no specific ecommerce platform in mind, a prospective client might reach out to a search engine with these queries "Catfish suppliers in West Africa". In microseconds, millions of results are made available and with more efforts in the development of your ecommerce platform, your catfish business might be the lucky and appealing result.

Lower Costs

Low cost is why customers will prefer ecommerce based products and services. As ecommerce does not involve more staff than traditional retail, it becomes easier to reduce cost without negative effects on the business. The idea of coupons attracts more customers. Products such as ebooks make it easier to resell a copy to over millions of customers at a single cost of production, therefore price reduction over physical product is much more earlier.

Eliminate Travel Time and Cost

Customers will have no need to visit your physical store. They visit your e-store and have products delivered at a click of buttons.

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